On the Surface

The Journey

Flow is pattern and rhythm.  Life is fractal.  Pattern and rhythm flow through all nature.  The complexity of streaming water is mirrored in roots, leaves, and forest floor detritus.  Wood, water, and nature repeat themselves and mimic each other.

Jackson Pollack once said, “I paint nature.”  Can nature paint Jackson?

The Means

My images are created using digital imaging and collage tools.  Each image is composed of many parts, typically a few dozen but sometimes many more.  Often, the collage effects are obvious. Other times, they are all but invisible – appearing only as line, shadow, or hue.

Painting has its texture and film has its grain. In the same way, digital imagery has its artifacts. These so-called imperfections are the unexpected and random electronic errors that are a natural byproduct of digital imaging. I find these electronic artifacts beautiful in their own right. Rather than eliminate them, I work to integrate them into the image.